The Language of Y o u r Success

Hello, I am Claudia Racké
Founder and Creator of Successish™ – The Language of Your Success and
The Diamond Way Of Life™ – 360° Coaching for Successful People. 

I work with a handpicked number of private clients and business leaders, training them in the art of Charismatic Communication.

There is a new understanding of how to use language and the power of words for creating and experiencing what we call win-win-win realities. With it comes the power to double your productivity, in half the time with none of the stress.

Knowing how to handle the mechanics of language leads to The Language of Your Success. It can open you up to the point, where those one or two really good creative ideas which you get every year, that really move the business forward become available to you much more regularly. Get ready to grow, to heal and to take your success to a whole new level!

I am happy and grateful beyond words, tears of joy running down my face. Having barely survived aggressive lymphoma cancer-radiotherapy a year ago I never thought this would be possible: For the first time since months of enduring the most cruelest pain my stomach is completely free of pain, and my body is finally beginning to heal. Thank you, Claudia Racké, this is like a miracle!
— SB, Hamburg/ Germany
I have had the great pleasure to get a Skypenosis session with Claudia and it had huge impact and was a huge eyeopener. My issue was about success and self sabotaging. Wow, she got straight to the point with humbleness and great insight! I was led to some moments in my life which have caused the problems I struggled with, and then she released it with an incredible “cure”, which is meant to shift my toughts. It really did and I felt relieved and a heavy weight was lifted from my shoulders.

It has been a big help for me and thanks to Claudia I have overcome the issues I struggled with. I recommend Claudia from my heart. Working with her is life changing.
— H-K A., Norway
It’s so awesome working with you! Over the course of one year you were right by my side, showing me the way, encouraging me to correct my course whenever necessary (I really needed to be called on the carpet at times!). I’m proud to tell you that by now I have lost 36 pounds which never in my wildest dreams I would have thought to be possible, and now I’m a size 8 again! I’m grateful for all of the time you took and the words of success you were creating for me. You truly have enriched my life! Out of the entire time I could spend with you on my self-development journey I don’t want to miss a single minute and still to this day I know deciding to work with Claudia Racké was the best I could do!
— HL, Bavaria/ Germany

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